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FREDERICK, MD – At the most recent meeting of the Monocacy Scenic River Advisory Board, a decision was made to eliminate the Monocacy River Resource Protection Area (MRRPA) from consideration.  The Advisory Board agreed to conduct a new round of public comment once a new plan is completed.  This is expected to take several months.  The Board chose to revise the plan and remove a grossly excessive regulatory land setback of 300 to 500 feet and beyond, as it could extend past 500 feet on each side of the Monocacy River, stretching thousands of feet into some properties.

This decision came after intense pressure was placed on the board and elected officials by the local farming community as well as non-farming effected landowners.  Council Member Kirby Delauter stood with farmers and land owners to insist that their property rights be respected by County Government.  County Executive Jan Gardner had insisted that she could not intervene and that the process had been open and transparent.   Council Member Delauter vehemently disagreed and stood by his comments that the County Executive was pushing this plan from behind the scenes.  Moreover, little transparency actually occurred as Monocacy land owners recently learned that proper notice of the River Plan was never sent, despite claims to the contrary by the County Executive.

Council Member Delauter requests that farmers and property owners effected by this disastrous plan, to band together and keep pressure on this County Government.

Council Member Delauter stated, “This change came about due to the collective voice of the people being heard in the highest levels of County Government.  This truly shows that democracy and the will of the people have won.”